v2.2.1 to v3.0.0

Runtime compatibility

Appfigurate 3.0.0 is backwardly runtime compatible with apps and app extensions linked against Appfigurate library 2.2.1.

Upgrading to Appfigurate 3.0.0 from a previous version converts the database to a new format, therefore downgrading to an earlier version is no longer possible.

Appfigurate Simulator for iOS is now included in the AppfigurateSE macOS app, and have easy 1 click installation. You no longer have to build the Appfigurate Simulator app in Xcode to deploy.

AppfigurateSE macOS app is now a direct download instead of through the Mac App Store.

Source compatibility

Appfigurate 3.0.0 is mostly source compatible with 2.2.1. Some minor changes are required:

  • The [APLConfiguration customIdentifier] method is no longer supported and you should remove any subclass implementations.

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