An example UI automation test using Espresso is available in AppfigurateExample. To test, ensure MainActivityTest is selected as the Run Configuration, then tap the run button.

Ensure allowInvalidSignatures returns true

In your subclass, ensure that your allowInvalidSignatures method returns true when running automation tests.

Test setup

Before each test, call the automationReset method to ensure the app's configuration is reset to factory defaults.

Java example

private ExampleConfiguration config;

public void setUp() {
    config = (ExampleConfiguration) Configuration.sharedConfiguration();

Applying configuration to an automation test

In your test method, set your configuration properties to the values you require, then call the automationApply method.

Java example

public void yourTest() {
    config.bool = false;
    config.string_Textfield = "thursday";

Additional automation launch methods

See also automationAction method of

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