Setup iOS Simulator app


In order to install Appfigurate Simulator app into an iOS Simulator, AppfigurateSE runs the Xcode simctl tool in:


Install app

To install the Appfigurate Simulator app into an iOS Simulator, tap the iOS Simulator tab. If no iOS Simulators are detected then the following message is shown:

Launch your chosen iOS Simulator using Xcode.

Once the iOS Simulator has launched, AppfigurateSE will display the following screen:

Tap the Install Appfigurate Simulator button to install into your chosen iOS Simulator.

Upgrade app

Any previous version of Appfigurate Simulator can be upgraded by tapping the Upgrade Appfigurate Simulator button.

Uninstall app

In the iOS Simulator, from the home screen, long press the Appfigurate Simulator app icon, then tap Remove App.

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