Passcode Lock

The Passcode Lock functionality is only available on physical iOS or Android devices. Please also see Security Best Practices.

Passcode Lock allows for a 4 digit PIN on launch and when exporting app metadata records.

Passcode on launch

To enable a 4 digit PIN on launch of Appfigurate, tap the switch on. The 4 digit PIN overlay screen will be displayed:

Enter a 4 digit PIN. You'll be prompted to confirm the 4 digit PIN a second time. Once matching, the PIN will be set.

Anytime you now launch Appfigurate or attempt to enter the Passcode Lock screen you will be prompted for the 4 digit PIN.

Warning: If you enter your 4 digit PIN incorrectly 5 times, Appfigurate will delete the local database and reset back to factory defaults, and the Select app screen displayed. If you don't have a backup of your app metadata records they will be lost.

Note: the 4 digit PIN overlay screen will not appear on top of system provided screens such as the iOS Document Picker or Android File Picker. If you are using one of these screens and then leave the app and come back, the 4 digit PIN overlay screen will not appear.

Biometrics on launch

If you have enabled 4 digit PIN on launch, an additional row may appear that allows Biometrics on launch to be enabled:

  • iOS: TouchID or FaceID must be enrolled.

  • Android: Biometric hardware of any type (Class 3/Strong) enrolled. Devices that have (Class 2/Weak) or (Class 1/Convenience) biometric hardware or use proprietary vendor APIs, are not supported.

Passcode to export and backup

You can set a 4 digit PIN when attempting to export or backup app metadata records.

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