Displaying overridden configuration

It is useful to display the currently applied overridden configuration in your app. We suggest you display this on your app's home screen.

The provided APLConfigurationLabel (Objective-C, Swift, Dart) or nz.co.electricbolt.appfiguratelibrary.ConfigurationLabel (Java, Kotlin) displays overridden configuration drawn in a vertical orientation attached to the left hand side of the screen as follows:

You can add the APLConfigurationLabel to your view controller in a viewDidLoad like this:

- (void) viewDidLoad {
    APLConfigurationLabel* label = [[APLConfigurationLabel alloc] initWithFrame: CGRectZero];
    label.center = CGPointMake(7, self.navigationController.view.bounds.size.height / 2);
    [self.navigationController.view addSubview: label];

Creating your own label

If APLConfigurationLabel is not sufficient for your needs, you can create your own label as follows:

@interface MyLogonController () <APLConfigurationUpdated>

@implementation MyLogonController

- (void) viewDidLoad {

- (void) configurationUpdated: (NSNotification*) notification {
    label.text = [[APLConfiguration sharedConfiguration] modifications];

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