AppfigurateSE macOS app has easy 1 click installation of iOS Simulator and Android Emulator apps, manual encryption of strings, and Xcode source editor extension for automated encryption of strings.


AppfigurateSE (and the bundled iOS Simulator, Android Emulator apps and Xcode source editor extension) is available in either a x86_64 binary for Intel based Mac computers or an arm64 binary for Apple Silicon based Mac computers. You must download the correct binary that matches your computers architecture.

Double click the AppfigurateSE-[version]-[arch].dmg to open the disk image. You must accept the license agreement to continue:

Drag the AppfigurateSE app icon into the Applications folder:


Run the application by double clicking the AppfigurateSE app in the Applications folder:

There is currently no Android Studio plugin for automated encryption of strings. You will need to either copy the encrypted string values from a Objective-C or Swift class that has been encrypted already using the Xcode source editor extension or perform manual encryption.

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