Output source code snippets

In Appfigurate Emulator app, under the JAVA/ANDROID LIBRARY INTEGRATION section:

Tap Output implementation then tap Console.

Tap Output AndroidManifest.xml snippet then tap Console.

The output will be displayed in Android Studio, under the Logcat tab. Filter the output to application

Create subclass

In your app, add a Java class called

Paste the Java implementation file output to the Console in Output source code snippets.

Note: your public key output to the Console in Output source code snippets will be different to the public key in the following example.

package com.yourcompany.yourapp;


public class Configuration extends {

    @BooleanProperty(description = "Log debug output to console", restart = false)
    boolean debugLogging;

    @StringPropertyListEdit(regularExpression = "https://[\\w\\.-]+\\*",
        description = "Application server url", restart = false, keys = {"Dev", "Prod"},
        values = {"", ""})
    String serverURL;

    public boolean allowInvalidSignatures() {
        return BuildConfig.DEBUG;

    public String publicKey() {
        // 41 36 87 71 0D 05
        return "-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----\n"
            + "MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEA4TZnKfGeXttN7Rr3eiAZ\n"
            + "PMEPsZvbo7lgIpMh6OjgBsoqkJJP0yXXLtpqsBCv8vm7RYqCn5+yfkiCQiXvkJBz\n"
            + "FSKmLF9EPR9l1H+32Id82dDuseD70D66puPUHjciEgmU18DpW2NVvTAykMwTEsiR\n"
            + "0h/ExBEhUe75qtwlVno8cMFbEfVtiGbKECvWIr122ED71T0Jt2Bcxqx1a7c1hPIV\n"
            + "RwLxIfWfE0+2rB9nJVPBgsTVPywibDvjio82FousyMDmvkAbMq5iyuyvJ0+5bATz\n"
            + "o12GEt5lSiQlCMzfmkWYBROMDCh27qGFVVo1XAUCVsMfsW9n4iQcoLAdUp/LI3B3\n"
            + "ywIDAQAB\n"
            + "-----END PUBLIC KEY-----\n";

    public void reset() {
        debugLogging = true;
        serverURL = "";


Edit Android.xml manifest

Paste the meta-data and provider into your app's AndroidMainfest.xml that were output to the console in Output source code snippets.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<manifest xmlns:android=""
          xmlns:tools="" package="com.yourcompany.yourapp">



Test your configuration

To test that you've successfully updated your app to use Appfigurate:

Compile and run Quickstart to the same Emulator instance that Appfigurate Emulator was run from previously.

Tap the Appfigurate app icon.

Tap the Quickstart row. Appfigurate will read the configuration from the Quickstart app.

Appfigurate will now display the following screen:

Since we added a @BooleanProperty for debugLogging and @StringPropertyListEdit for serverURL, you can now change these configuration items at runtime. Tap Apply⌄ to apply the configuration to the Quickstart app.

Now jump to Supported property types.

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