Android native integration

Android native apps can be developed in both Kotlin and Java.

For Mobile Flutter apps, jump to Mobile Flutter integration instead.


You must have the following:

  • Android Studio, Intelli-J (Community Edition or Ultimate)

  • Android SDKs and associated Emulators.

  • AppfigurateSE macOS app.

  • Appfigurate Emulator app installed into one or more Android Emulators (use the AppfigurateSE macOS app for easy 1 click installation).

  • Your app must have a minimum API level 26 (Android 8.0 Oreo) in order to link Appfigurate Library.

Modify build.gradle

In your app's build.gradle add the following to the dependency section:

implementation ''

Add new app into Appfigurate Emulator.

Note: Replace any references to quickstart with your own apps target name.

Run Appfigurate in the Android Emulator.

Tap Add app.

Select app type Android.

Enter the URL scheme quickstart that will be used by Appfigurate to launch your app in order to read or apply configuration. The URL scheme must be 4-64 ascii characters in length and must be unique to your app.

Tap Add app.

Now jump to either Kotlin or Java.

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